Sandhill Studio is a small-scale, slow-made brand created by me (Audrey Moore) in Madison, WI that intends to put tools in the hands of makers and doers. I put great thought and care into making items that will empower and inspire people to take creative action.

I feel that as a business owner who makes physical products, I have a great responsibility to make sure that my output has minimal negative impact on the environment. For this reason I am constantly striving to source the most sustainable materials that I can. This looks like using primarily natural fibers such as cotton and wool, and repurposing fabric scraps to divert textiles from the landfill when possible.

Another part of my commitment to sustainability is thinking about the long term. This means designing products that will stand up to daily wear and that can be easily repaired should they wear out over time. On an even longer scale, most of the things I make will biodegrade when they are eventually used beyond repair.